Common Summertime Bugs Near Sacramento

Common Summertime Bugs Near SacramentoIt's the time of year when bugs and pests of all types start crawling out of their cracks and crevices to spend the summer in the warmth of the sun. This of course means these creepy crawlers and fliers are going to be invading your personal space for the next few months, unless you do something about it. As the sun heats up be sure to stay on the lookout for these common summertime bugs. If you spot any and their populations seem out of hand, don't hesitate to contact a pest control professional before the invasion gets worse.

Box Elder Bugs

These little black bugs with reddish and orange markings are named for the tree they tend to feed and nest at. However, as they seek out shelter in the late summer your home may become a prime option. These bugs appear flattened and have an elongated oval-shaped body. They are about ½ inch long, have six legs and two antennae. You're most likely to find them congregating in sun drenched areas around your home, particularly in small cracks and crevices where they can absorb the most warmth.


Springtails are primarily a nuisance pest as they do not sting or bite, but they can cause some minor trouble for plants in and around a home. They can also cause itching and dermatitis issues for some people and pets, though this isn't the case for everyone. This nearly invisible soil insect will jump around when disturbed, launching the 0.25 to 6mm bug as far as 10mm! If you begin to notice these around your home you'll want to call in the pros to prevent a population explosion.

House Flies

The common house fly is not only a nuisance pest that will make you throw a pillow across the room in hopes of nailing it out of the air but they're a potential disease carrier. While they have a lifespan of only 10-25 days they reproduce fast, which can result in huge populations within a single home if not properly controlled. It only takes leaving a door or window open for a short time for flies to get in and quickly start populating a home. If you start to notice these annoying pests it is very important to find how they could have potentially entered the home and a source they may be drawn to. Cleaning window sills, window and door tracks and garbage areas will help knock down populations as this is where they congregate and lay eggs.

Black Widows

We are familiar with seeing spiders all year round. But summertime is their season to flourish. With the Warmth you will see them out in the open more often. Along with all of your everyday household spiders, we see a rise in black widow populations in the summer months. Black widows are best known for the red hourglass marking on the underside of their shiny black abdomen. Keep an eye out for these dangerous spiders, they like to keep to low sheltered places. You can usually spot their messy webs around firewood, under lawn furniture and even under outdoor toys.


These small-bodied, long-legged, winged bugs are another pest that falls in the nuisance category, but be aware, some do feed on blood and can pass on illnesses. They are attracted to wet and damp areas and tend to migrate toward garbage or other decomposing food waste so be sure to keep your home free of these items to help prevent a gnat infestation.


Midges aren't terribly common in homes as they tend to stay around swampy areas, but it is possible for them to take up residence in a house, particularly if you have fruit out in the open. Since these tiny, six-legged gray flies are biters and draw blood it's important to contact a pest control expert if you notice any in your home.


Of the more than 6,000 species of thrips most are only harmful to plants, though a few of them are predators. These bugs are very small, about 1/25th of an inch, and are black or tan in color with wings. They'll commonly be found in onion, bean, carrot or squash plants and can cause damage to them.

There are no shortage of summertime pests, so always pay attention to an increase in unwanted activity inside your home. If you suspect an infestation it's important to contact a pest control expert for further analysis. To request professional pest control in Sacramento, Rio Linda or the surrounding areas reach out to Direct Hit Pest Control. We can assist with the removal of all the above pests, as well as other seasonal and year-round bugs. To request an estimate or more information about pest control in Sacramento give our friendly team a call at (916) 992-6870 today.

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Posted: May 14, 2020

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