Simple Tips to Reduce the Chances of a Winter Pest Infestation

Simple Tips to Reduce the Chances of a Winter Pest InfestationWhile pests may be spotted more often during the warmer months, they've still got to be somewhere when the cold sets in, right? As winter hits pests of all sorts will seek out warm, dry places to call home for the season, or longer. This means your house could become very attractive to these little buggers, especially if you make it easy for them to enter. To reduce the chances of a winter pest infestation it is important to take a few precautionary steps. If you need any assistance or would like more information about winter pest control, be sure to contact a local specialist.

Sealing Points of Entry

Everything from spiders to mice will seek out an easy entryway into a location that would be ideal for them to get cozy for the winter. Using caulking or steel wool you should seal cracks in your home's siding, foundation, doorways and other exterior surfaces to stop pests in their tracks. Be sure to conduct a thorough inspection of your home by walking it's perimeter at least twice to spot as many holes as possible.

Check Weather Stripping

Worn weather stripping on windows provides an opportunity for pests to squeeze inside your home. Check all windows in the home, particularly those on lower levels, and certainly don't forget about basement windows. If any loose or worn weather stripping is found, replace it right away.

Screening Vents & Chimneys

Your home does have several built in spots in which pests can make their way inside, such as vents and chimneys. These can be blocked off using approved screens. If your home already utilizes screens, now is the time to check them for damage and replace any as necessary.

Trimming Branches & Shrubs

Many pests make the leap onto homes from nearby shrubs and trees. To make the jump less appealing be sure to cut back branches and shrubs so they do not make contact with your home or hang low over it. Rats may not look too capable, but they can jump quite far! We recommend trimming all branches and shrubs back 3 feet from the home.

Garbage & Storage

It will be in your best interest to keep outside garbage and recycling bins away from the home. This is true with firewood too, should you utilize a wood burning fireplace or stove in your house. Firewood should be stored off the ground and at least 20 feet from the house.

Despite best efforts, it is nearly impossible to completely prevent a pest infestation. If you suspect that some creatures are stirring, including a mouse, and you need pest control in Sacramento or the surrounding communities, reach out to Direct Hit Pest Control. Our team of experts can eradicate unwanted guests this season and help prevent them from coming back. To learn more, or to request an estimate for pest control in Rio Linda, Sacramento or the neighboring towns, give us a call at (916) 992-6870 today.

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