Top Signs of a Spider Infestation

Common Causes of Ant InfestationsIt's true that spiders do help reduce the population of a lot of other types of pests that may try and overtake your property, such as flies and mosquitoes, but they still shouldn't be allowed to take up residence in your house or office. While most spiders are generally harmless, they can still deliver a bite that depending on the persons sensitivity can cause reactions varying from a small pimple like sore to aches and fever. Of course other spiders have poisonous bites that can lead to serious medical issues. Most of all spiders create messy webs and just give you the creepy crawlies. If you run into any of the following signs of a spider infestation be sure to contact an expert spider pest control team right away.


One of the most surefire ways of telling if you have a spider infestation in your residence or commercial space is if you notice an abundance of webs in or around your property. Some spiders can create very ornate webs, while others look as if they put little effort into making a home of their own.

Egg sacs

Most types of spiders lay hundreds of eggs at once, all wrapped up in a silk ball. If you spot egg sacs in your home there's a chance they could hatch, which would result in hundreds of baby spiders making their way around your home. It's best to contact a spider removal expert immediately if you suspect you've found spider eggs.

Excess flying insects

Have you noticed a lot of flies, mosquitoes, moths and other small flying insects around your home? These little critters could draw spiders to your property because they are a great source of food for predatory spiders. It's common for spiders to make webs near exterior and interior lights since the light draws in many types of bugs, making them easy prey for the spider.

Seeing spiders

Of course the most absolute sign of a spider infestation is actually seeing spiders. It can be hard to tell one type from another. A common mistaken identity in our area is the relatively harmless Wolf spider for the much more dangerous Brown Recluse spider. Although the wolf spider is very common to our area the Brown Recluse is not native and rarely if ever found in the Sacramento Valley. There's thousands of types of spiders and all of them have different preferences for where they call home. It may just so happen that your home provides their perfect environment. If you spot an eight legged creature crawling through your living space or work area, contact a pest control professional to ensure the infestation doesn't grow worse.

If you have noticed any of the above, call a pest control expert who offers spider control right away. This will reduce the possibility of spider bites and avoid a growing population in your home. To request superior spider pest control in Sacramento or the surrounding communities you'll want to connect with Direct Hit Pest Control. We provide knowledgeable, friendly services designed to rid your home of spiders, ants, fleas, cockroaches, rodents and other creatures. To learn more about our services or to request an estimate for superior pest control in Rio Linda, Sacramento or the neighboring areas give Direct Hit Pest Control a call at (916) 992-6870 today.

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