When Should I Call a Pest Control Expert?

At what point do you say enough is enough? Well, when it comes to dessert, the answer may be never, but if we're talking about bugs and other pests, it should be at the first sign of trouble. It is best to get the problem resolved once and for all, instead of dilly-dallying and hoping the infestation just takes care of itself on its own (hint: it won't and it will get worse). If any of the following apply to your home call a professional pest control team right away.

Pest Related Health Issues

Many pests that make their way into homes can pose some sort of health risk for you and your family. It is imperative that you act quickly after spotting cockroaches, rats, fleas, spiders or any other bug to ensure that they don't have a chance of causing widespread illness in your house.

Pets in the Home

Using store bought chemicals to treat pest issues can cause problems for dogs, cats and other household pests if they are inhaled, licked or otherwise ingested. A professional exterminator can complete pest control in a manner that will keep all pets (and people) out of harm's way.

Environmental Impact

Did you know that some pests are protected by law? Using pest control products at home could harm a protected species, which is a big no-no. To ensure that no unwanted damage is done to the environment and those who inhabit it be sure to call in the pros if you suspect some sort of pest infestation.

Home Treatments are Not Working

Many people will first try some sort of home treatment program instead of calling a pest control specialist. More often than not these treatments don't work and only end up being a waste of money. If you have tried these and they aren't working, it's time to call in the pros.

Any Signs of a Pest

Simply put, if you notice any sign of pest infestation it is crucial that you contact a professional pest control crew as soon as possible. It is the only sure fire way to rid your home of trouble.

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