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Direct Hit provides expert pest control in Rio Linda and the surrounding area. We treat a large number of insects, bugs, mammals and other pests. If you have noticed any signs of an infestation you can rely on our skilled technicians to rid them from your home or office. Below are a few of the most common types of pests we get calls for. Give us a call at (916) 992-6870 to request a free estimate for pest control in greater Sacramento.

Pest Types - Argentine Ant Pest Types - Argentine Ants
Argentine Ant
Pest Types - Ant Tower
Pest Types - Wasps
Pest Types - Yellow Jackets
Yellow Jackets
Pest Types - Wasp Nest Pest Types - Yellow Jacket Nest
Pest Types - Black Widow Spiders
Black Widows
Pest Types - Wolf Spiders
Wolf Spiders
Pest Types - Cockroaches
Turkestan CockRoach
Pest Types - Cockroaches - Female
German CockRoach
Pest Types - German Cockroaches
Pest Types - German Cockroaches - Egg to Adult
Pest Types - Mice Pest Types - Rats
Pest Types - Cat Fleas

"Direct Hit are professional, very well educated in pests and safe pest management - and they are thorough. It is wonderful not living with hundreds if not thousands of ants in the house. Excellent company, service and professional staff."



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