Residential Pest Control Serving The Greater Sacramento Area

Residential Pest Control in the Greater Sacramento, CA AreaYour home is supposed to be your family's safe place, so having to battle bugs and rodents probably isn't what you had in mind when you organized a game night. If you have pest issues you can trust Direct Hit Pest Control to rid your house of unwanted insects and rodents. Our highly skilled and fully licensed team will conduct a complete assessment of your home to develop a plan for control of unwanted, destructive and unhealthy inhabitants. No matter what is trying to take over your home you can count on us for expert residential pest control in Rio Linda and the greater Sacramento area.

Ants, Spiders, Wasps & Silverfish

California is home to a wide variety of species of ants, spiders, cockroaches, wasps and silverfish. If your home has been invaded by any of these pests call Direct Hit Pest Control so we make sure they're evicted before they cause any health concerns. Our team uses modern techniques of pest control to ensure we have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Rodent Control

Our team is happy to assist with the control of most types of rodents that may be calling your home their own. We routinely help our clients with rat, mouse and gopher control. If something unwanted is living under your roof or in your yard, give us a call and we'll evict it!

Fleas & Ticks

Tick, Silverfish, Sow Bug Pest Control in Rio Linda, CAThe complex life cycle of the flea makes it extremely hard for any home owner to control on their own. The team at Direct Hit Pest Control is trained to handle all types of bugs and insects, including fleas and ticks. If you are suffering from any sort of pest infestation in your home do not hesitate to call our crew. We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for services.

Don't let bugs and other creatures take over your living space. To request a free quote from Direct Hit Pest Control in Rio Linda, Sacramento or the surrounding areas, call us at (916) 992-6870. We offer one time services, as well as regular maintenance with no binding contracts, which includes free reminder calls.

"After our crape myrtle tree was damaged from landscaping, it became the victim of an aphid infestation. The tree did not bloom for five plus years and the aphid droppings covered our cars and patio in a sticky, gooey mess. Direct Hit has treated our tree the last two years. We are now completely free from the aphids, the nasty mess from aphid droppings, and our tree is blooming beautifully! Great results, friendly customer service, reasonable price. Thank you Direct Hit! We can once again enjoy our yard!"



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